NBWD! How Celebrate On Your Own!

BIG WIG OF 2019 will be announced on 1/24/23019!

Hey, it’s really simple. 

Have a house party: Get some wigs, some treats, invite your friends, put out a jar for donations or go to the links provided on the home page to donate.  Have fun!

You own a  restaurant or bar business;  Throw on some wigs, take pictures, have some drink specials during happy hour and put out a jar -then we trust you to donate directly to your chosen charity.  Just go to the home page link.  Thank you!

In an office – even more fun:  Make casual Friday Big Wig Friday.  Remember this is for fun.  Now. I am an HR Lady, so if you are a business, this event is completely voluntary for your staff and they are not required to donate or participate.   Plus, it is a great way to have an employee event.  Perhaps treat your staff to  a Big Wig lunch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Remember, I am an HR Lady with 15 years of experience.  If you have HR questions, please  contact me.  We, Big Wigs do it the right way.

Cheers and Happy Wigging!

Patty Sharkey

Email: nationalbigwigday@gmail.com

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