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Hello Big Wig!

Thank you for visiting our site.  A place where kindness + silliness = fabulous “fun” raising for charity.

The National Big Wig Day! Story

On January 2, 2016, I had a case of the post holiday blues.  I posted a “wigged-out” selfie on Facebook.  I was kidding when I wrote Happy National Big Wig Day! However, the joyful responses received sent my blues packing.  Then a light bulb flashed:  Share the silliness and create a charity forum.


We partner with such charities as the American Cancer Society/Look Good Feel Better division. We help raise money for people who may need wigs after an illness. 

In addition, you may choose to donate to The United Way,  Hospitality House and the Desert Cancer Foundation.

How to Donate

Simply click  on the charity link below.  The link will send you directly to the charity site. 

We, at Big Wig do not accept donations directly.   

The important stuff: Donations will only be accepted on the applicable link to your chosen charity official “Big Wig” page on their website.

American Cancer Society – Nationwide.

Look Good Feel Better

Desert Cancer Foundation  of Coachella Valley

Hospitality House of  Boone, North Carolina

United Way – Nationwide


We believe you are the “Big Wig” of  your life.  You are not your job title, clothing size, zip code or the car you drive.   You are fabulous!


The Big Wig Team.

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January 25, 2019