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Mission Statement

Our mission is to “Fun” raise money for charity.  

Our focus for 2018 will be to raise money for the lesser represented charities such as Veterans with PTSD.

While we are thrilled with our partnership with ACS, Look Good/Feel Better: we recognize at this time smaller charitable organizations may need National Big Wig Day! a bit more.  We are committed to helping make the world a kinder, more tolerate and healthy place for all.


We value human rights, democracy, the right for everyone to live in peace regardless of race, sexual orientation and gender.    We value everyone’s right to clean water, clean air and health care.

We value each individual. We believe you are the “Big Wig” of  your life.  You are not your job title, clothing size, zip code or the car you drive.  You. Yes. You — are fabulous and are capable of wonderful things.


For us: 2016 and 2017 we raised money for the American Cancer Society/Look Good Feel Better divisions.  We are so grateful to the ACS and their support.  We thank all who participated.



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January 27, 2017!