NBWD! Changes for 2018

National Big Wig Day! announces new ways to celebrate as an independent third-party.

National Big Wig Day! is a national holiday.  The next NBWD! is Friday, January 26, 2018.

The Big Wig Team was blown away by our nationwide success last year.  It was only our second year.  Seeing how many people in all states wished to participant; we decided to swing open our doors to anyone who wishes to create their own party/event for charity.

It’s quite simple.  Contact Big Wig, choose from an approved charity list and give a minimum of 50% of raised funds to your charity.  Big Wig in turn will allow use of trademark and logo.   This will be your “fun” raiser.  We are offering this as a free platform to help others raise funds for their charities.

Once approved, you will receive instructions and helpful hints to create a successful event.





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