Meet the Big Wig Team “Fun” Raising Money for Charity.

SueAnne and Mia

Meet the Big Wig Team

Meet the Big Wigs of National Big Wig Day!

SueAnne Lulla started her career waiting tables and “cutting hair”.  Over the course of her career, she opened, operated and sold the successful Napoli’s Italian Restaurant in North Texas.

SueAnne is the example of a woman who has to do it all.  She does it with style. She is also my favorite Lunch Lady.  She worked in the school cafeteria in Plano, Texas.  Her experience working in the lunch helped define National Big Wig Day!’s mission.  People could be rude or make judgments based on who does and doesn’t wear a hairnet.  That stinks.  So, all of us are Big Wigs —- even the lunch ladies.

SueAnne oversees the Texas, New Jersey and Florida National Big Wig Day! events and “fun” raising.  Recently, Sueanne “mortored” the cracks in her brick concrete deck.  She is always learning and knows whether she is acting as a business owner or filling in the cracks; all work is valued.

SueAnne lives in Texas with her daughter and husband.

Meet A.J. Martin aka The Rainbow Carpetbagger.


A J supervises the New England territory of National Big Wig Day! Last year he traveled to six states providing wigs and “fun” raising house parties.

A.J. possesses a unique love of life.  He sees only the bright in the darkest of situations.  Hence his moniker, “The Rainbow Carpetbagger.” As he travels throughout the world, he brings smiles and laughter to all he meets.

A.J. is founder of AJ’s Tye Dye Designs, a bartender and an avid reader.  He and his partner live in Cape Cod.

Meet Jill Windsor!


Jill Windsor is the director of operations.  She coordinates Big Wig Gala and works with sponsors.  In addition, in the coming years Jill will oversee the National Big Wig Day! 5k races throughout the country.

Jill Windsor is a rockstar!  As a single woman, Jill supports her two children while working two jobs and volunteering for a number of charities.

12 years ago I met Jill when she interviewed for a position at a real estate development company.  She was hired immediately.  Some people radiate diligence, excellence and strong work ethic.  She is one of those people.  We have been friends ever since.

Meet Patty Sharkey.  The picture below of Kathleen Sharkey whose love of Halloween, movies and being silly instilled in Patty the importance of being silly.

Kathleen Sharkey as Baby Jane in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Patty Sharkey


Well, I am not comfortable writing a biography. Either I write too much or too little.

This holiday is dedicated to the Dreamers, Believers and Survivors.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Big WigDay™! in October of 2016.


January 29, 2016,

January 27, 2017

January 26, 2018

January 25, 2019

January 31, 2020


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